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additional funding is provided by the park foundation. >> the most important medical discovery of our lifetime is also the biggest secret. this secret reveals the real reasons we're sick and why we suffer from an epidemic of brain problems, everything from depression to dementia, from anxiety to autism, from memory problems to mood swings, and from brain fog to trouble concentrating. i'm going to show you the path to a mind that's calm, focused, alert and happy. the path to an ultramind. captioned by maryland public television mark hyman, m.d.: we're in the middle of the eatest medical revolution in the last 100 years. in fact, it's the medical
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equivalent of columbus saying the world is round and not flat, or galileo proving that the earth is not the center of the universe. what if i told you that the way we think about disease and mental illness and our brain aging actually has nothing, nothing, to do with how our body actually works. the secret you're going to learn in this show is this, that your mood problems, your memory problems, your trouble focusing, your add and depression are not all in your head, they're in your body. the breakthrough is this, that by fixing your body you will be automatically fixing your broken brain and experience an ultramind. and in the next hour i will guide you through the seven breakthroughs that can give you back your life, your energy, your memory, your focus, and your joy. it will show you that you can't treat mental illness effectively only with drugs or psychotherapy, but you can fix your broken brain by balancing the seven basic core biological
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systems at the route of all illness and all disease; the seven keys to an ultramind. but how can that be? how can seven systems be at the route of all disease? because the way we think about disease is all wrong. we say that if you're sad or feel hopeless than you have depression. but depression doesn't cause those symptoms, it's simply the name we give to the people who have those symptoms. yeah, people suffer from the symptoms of conditions like depression, and autism, and add, and dementia, but the name of the disease tells us absolutely nothing, nothing about the real reasons or the causes for them. diseases don't exist -- at least not in the way we think they do, right? they are basically imbalances in the seven core biological systems in your body. unless you know the cause, you can't fix your problem. it's the same thing with your broken brains. so how do we fix this broken
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brain? this problem that is the leading cause of disability in our world? it's very simple. you have to balance the seven biological systems at the route of all diseases. the key is this, only if you fix your body, and it can be fixed, will you fix your brain. how do i know this? well, i had a broken brain. when i went to college i was extremely healthy, very active, i got very good grades in medical school. then i went to work in a hospital, i worked as a small town doctor in idaho, and i lived and worked in china. then suddenly, suddenly, like that, 14 years ago, my brain broke. the effects on me were horrific and debilitating. i couldn't focus. i couldn't remember what my patients were saying. i would go into a room and not remember where i had been or why i was there. and i saw about half a dozen different doctors to get help and they prescribed about half a dozen different medications to try to help me. they gave me anti-anxiety pills,
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and anti-depressants, and sleeping pills, and stimulants like speed. thank god i didn't take most of them. [laughter] you know, i felt like i had add and depression and dementia all at once. and the worst my body felt, the worse my brain worked. and i searched for answers all over the world. i talked to scientists and doctors. i talked to other patients who've had similar problems. and piece by piece, cell by cell, system by system, i rebuilt my system. and i found that the cause wasn't one thing, but it was a breakdown in these basic seven keys, the seven biological systems that are the key to an ultramind, and that i'm going to teach you about in this program. now, what happened to me? i had a toxic brain. i got mercury poison from living in beijing and breathing in the coal soaked air from coal burning to heat homes. i ate so many tuna fish sandwiches when i was a kid. i had a mouth full of mercury
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fillings, and i was missing a key gene that i needed in order to get rid of toxins from my body. here's a picture of me before when i was sick and a picture of me after. so what are these seven keys to an ultramind? they're optimizing nutrition, balance your hormones, cool off inflammation, fix your digestion system, enhance your detoxification system, boost your energy metabolism, and calm your mind. that's it. the seven basic things, seven basic systems that explain all disease. now let's talk about the first key, optimize nutrition. the most powerful tool you have to fix your broken brain isn't a drug, it isn't psychotherapy, it's something you use everyday. it's your fork. food is not just calories. it's information. and when you put the right information on your fork, your brain will work properly. your brain needs all the raw
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materials of life, which is food. we are overfed but undernourished. we are suffering from some serious nutritional deficiencies that damage your brain, cloud your thoughts, and leave you depressed. one of my patients absolutely hated fish. when she came to see me she had depression, brain fog, add, she had dyslexia, and she was overweight, and she had fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue. and when i did her lab tests i found she had severe omega 3 fat deficiencies, and an excess of the inflammatory omega 6 fats which come from a lot of the soy oil we eat. so i gave her some fish oil, some omega 3 fats. and you know what, her symptoms got better, her depression got better, her add got better, and as a side effect, she lost 60 pounds without trying. so why was she so deficient? well, unless you hunt and you eat wild meat or forge for wild plants, than you're one of the 99% of americans that are
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deficient in one of the omega 3 fats that are essential for normal brain and cell function. we all need an oil change because our intake of soy oil increased in the last 100 years 1,000 fold. that's 100,000%. so, we're eating an oil we're not adapted to, and it's in the processed foods, and junk foods, and fried foods that we eat. and what does it do to the brain, it causes more depression, more add, more dementia, and more murders. did you know that countries that eat more soy oil have more murders than countries that eat more seafood? and in a study in prisons they found that giving a fish oil supplement to prisoners lowered the risk of violent crimes in the prison by 35%. so how do you know if you're deficient? well, you have scaly, dry patches on your skin, hard ear wax, or brittle nails, or that funny chicken skin on the back of your arms. so, if that's so, you need an oil change. eat some small wild fish, like salmon. eat walnuts and flax seeds,
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and you're going to need to take a toxin-free omega 3 fat supplement everyday. now, the next nutrition tip i'm going to give you is tell you about how to fix serotonin deficiency, which many people are suffering from. that's the feel good molecule, the happy molecule. it makes you feel calm, relax, makes you sleep, and feel happy. now, if using anti-depressants, like the ssris, actually worked, like we see with all those happy people we see in the drug ads, right? well, then i would use them. i wouldn't tell people to change their diet and exercise and change their lifestyle. but they don't work. you see, serotonin deficiency is actually a sign of deeper imbalances. it's a sign of imbalances that are caused by toxins, and stress, and a toxic diet, and too much sugar, and vitamin deficiencies, and even food allergies. and we don't hear the truth. you know, in the new england journal of medicine, a study was published that showed that showed a negative outcome were under reported.
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in other words, drug companies only published the studies that showed things worked, and don't publish the studies that show they don't work, which leaves us with the impression that they work. now, let's look at the studies that show they do work. well, the studies that show they do work, show they work in half the people, in half the time, to relieve half the symptoms. not a very good track record. and the majority of the people who do take them have side-effects, like weight gain and sexual dysfunction. imagine being fat and asexual, that's enough to make you depressed. [laughter] and the sad news is that one in 10 of you out there actually take one. so, what is the right treatment? it's not drugs or psychotherapy. the real question is, why are serotonin levels low in the first place? that reminds me of joe, one of my patients, whose chemicals were completely out of balance, and he didn't have a drug deficiency. he was on four different psychiatric medications, right, one for depression, one for anxiety, one for sleep, and one for adult add. he had a typical american diet.
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you know, big on coffee for breakfast, sandwich, chips and soda for lunch, pasta, carbs and sweets until he went to bed. and then he piled on top of that two glasses of wine, three cups of coffee, and too many diet colas to count. so, what did we do with him? i fixed the seven keys to an ultramind. i optimized his nutrition by giving enough b12, and folic acid, and chromium, and omega 3 fats. i got him off all the junk food he was on, as well as all the sugar and coffee and alcohol. and i got rid of hidden food allergens, which we will talk about later in the program. so what happened to joe? well, in three months he was off every single one of his psychiatric medications because he was sleeping well, he wasn't depressed or anxious, and he could focus. when we optimized his nutrition and got his nutrient levels normal he healed. so, change your body and you will change your mind. it doesn't work the other way around. and it happens not in months or years, but in days or weeks.
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now, i want to tell you something important. vitamins make expensive urine and they're a waste of money. okay. but that's only true if you eat wild, fresh, whole organic, local, non-genetically modified foods grown in virgin mineral-rich soils that are not transported across vast distances and stored for months before being eaten. and... if you work and live outside, and breath only fresh and unpolluted air, and drink only pure clean water, and are free of chronic stressors and exposure to environmental toxins. then of course you don't need vitamins. [laughter] but that describes absolutely nobody on the planet. so, therefore in reality, we all need vitamins, and you need all of them everyday, like food and water. a government survey found that 92% of americans are deficient in one or more of the basic nutrients at the minimum level we need, not for optimal health, but the minimum level we need to prevent deficiency diseases, like scurvy and rickets. we are seeing nutritional
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deficiencies in this country that we have not seen in 100 years. we see overweight kids who have scurvy from vitamin c deficiency, and have bleeding gums like the sailors from 100 years ago. we see the bones bend because of vitamin d deficiency in little kids who have rickets, which we haven't seen since the early days of the industrial revolution. and the treatment cost pennies a day. it's cheaper than being sick. the latest research shows that those with the lowest b12 levels have the smallest brains. and it's amazing, you don't' hear about these studies, like the study in the american journal of clinical psychology that found that one quarter, one in four woman who are over 65, who are severely depressed, not because they have a drug deficiency have b12 deficiency. and all they need is a b12 shot. in another study, people with high folic acid levels responded six times better to anti-depressants than people
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with low folic acid levels. now, that reminds me of john, who came to see me with bi-polar disease, and lived under a dark cloud for 30 years. his doctors tried to help him. they gave him a multi-drug cocktail. but the main problem he had was a deficiency in the special b vitamin. he had a unique need for very high amounts of these and never got them. and as soon as i gave these to him, for the first time in 30 years, this dark cloud of depression lifted. a year later he called me back and said, dr. hyman, he said, thanks for giving me my life back. for giving me my life back. you know what's remarkable to me is how backward thinking about depression is. you know doctors only tend to use vitamins if anti-depressants don't work. they should be prescribing the vitamins in the first place and then supplementing with anti-depressants only if vitamins and lifestyle changes don't work. now, let's talk about the second key to an ultramind; balancing
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your hormones. now, as we age, our hormones become out of balance. you know, woman after menopause become more like men. they grow hair on their chins and they lose hair on their head from too much testosterone. and men after andropause, which is like male menopause, become more like woman and they lose hair on their chest, and on their legs, and they get nice soft skin because they have too much estrogen. so by the time they're 65 they're about the same. [laughter] now, there are other hormone imbalances you get. you might get crazy in the afternoon and you need a sugar fix about three o'clock. or you just may not be interested in sex anymore, or maybe you are, but things just don't work. or maybe you get pms. it affects 75% of woman. and it's not a curse. but it's a totally, totally reversible symptom of hormonal imbalance. this is not bad luck, this is just bad habits. there are so many hormones,
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we're going to focus on two important ones today; insulin and thyroid. now, if you have sugar or bread cravings, or you feel weak or irritable about three or four in the afternoon, or maybe you're one of those people that skips breakfast, or maybe you're one of those people who have a muffin and a bagel for breakfast, or maybe you have a little or maybe a lot of extra belly fat. then you could have a serious blood sugar problem and a serious insulin problem, which leads to depression, dementia, and even panic disorder. here's an interesting fact. you know, on the average, an american eats 158 pounds of sugar each year. that's half a pound per day. and i'm not eating that much so that means some of you are eating a lot more. [laughter] and 10,000 years ago, we ate only about 20 teaspoons a year when we were hunters and gatherers. that means that we're now consuming more than 125 times what our ancestors did, but our bodies haven't changed. we are all poisoned by sugar. it's no wonder we're sick and fat. you know, sugar spikes your
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insulin, which leads to memory loss, it inflames your brain. it actually causes depression we're finding out. and it slows your thyroid and makes you dull and unresponsive. in men, sugar depletes testosterone, leaving you less motivated and energetic. and in woman, it depletes serotonin, which leads to mood swings and pms. because of our sugar addiction, 100 million americans suffer from insulin resistance or pre- diabetes. but it's not pre anything. it's a problem in and of itself, and it causes pre-dementia. you know what? scientists are now calling dementia or alzheimer's, type 3 diabetes. simply put, too much sugar makes you depressed and demented. and it's 100% reversible through the approach of diet and lifestyle that i will share with you later in the program. next i want to talk to you about your thyroid. it's the gas pedal for your
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metabolism and your mind. if it's not functioning you get mentally sluggish, your memory starts failing, and you get depressed. in fact, this affects one in five woman, and one in 10 men, half of which are absolutely undiagnosed. you know, this reminds me of betty, who came to see me at 73. she went to her doctor with a whole list of complaints. that's why i call myself a holistic doctor because i take care of people with a whole list of problems. [laughter] and she, betty, she had a whole list. you know what her doctor said to her? "well, what do you expect, you're 73, that's what 73 feels like." i don't believe that. you see, most symptoms of aging are actually symptoms of abnormal aging, and they relate to symptoms that are connected to the core imbalances in our body, these core seven systems. betty just had a sluggish thyroid. so by fixing her thyroid imbalance she went from feeling tired to feeling energetic, from feeling old to feeling young again, and all of her other symptoms went away. many people who go to their doctor feeling bad are told they
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have borderline thyroid problems and they should watch it. watch for what? until you get really sick? you may need your doctor's help to get this sorted out, but you need to get the right test. so have them check not only tsh, which is what most doctors check, but also free t3, free t4, and your thyroid antibodies. now, there are some serious side-effects from balancing your hormones. some people unexpectedly notice a significant spike in their sex drive and pleasure, like my 81-year-old patient that told me, with a twinkle in her eye, about her new boyfriend. [laughter] now, the third key to an ultramind is cool off inflammation. the most remarkable scientific finding of the last decade is that you can have an inflamed, sore, and swollen brain, just like a sore throat. and it causes depression, dementia, and even autism. you know scientists recently discovered a new virus, it's called the borna virus. it's found in the limbic system
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of the brain, that's the emotional center, and it's found in one and three of us. and it can be activated by stress or toxins or bad diet. and when it's activated, this virus can cause depression, and can be cured by treating with an anti-viral medication. think about it. a virus causes brain inflammation and that causes depression. treating the virus can actually cure not just reduce the symptoms of depression. i mean even the best anti-depressants drugs don't cure depression. and no amount of psychotherapy or anti-depressants will ever cure depression that's caused by a virus. now, what else science is telling us about inflammation is remarkable. dr. herbert from harvard has found on brain scans that kids with autism have swollen, large brains. dr. vargas from john hopkins has found inflammation in the spinal fluid and on brain biopsies of autistic children. and researchers from u.c. davis have found 70% of kids on the autistic spectrum have altered immune function.
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and almost all of these kids have swollen bellies and gut problems, which isn't a coincidence since over half of the immune system is in the gut. and when it gets activated, you get inflamed and your brain is inflamed. so what can you do about it? well, if you treat the inflammation, the symptoms go away. children on the autistic spectrum can wake up from their silent worlds by doing this. it reminds me of jimmy, who came to see me when he was about three-years-old. he was diagnosed with regressive autism. and you know what i did? all i did was get rid of the inflammation in his gut, fixed his biochemistry, gave him the right nutrients, got rid of the things that were inflaming his brain, like gluten and dairy. and his dad told me he took him to school this fall, he had to go to a normal school because he lost his diagnosis of autism, and he looked at him through a window playing with his friends like a normal kid and the father started crying. are you starting to see how this is all connected? it's not just one thing, it's everything. if you're depressed and have an irritable bowel, or eczema, and
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headaches and sinus congestion, and joint pains, it doesn't mean you need to see five different specialists, it means you have a few underlining problems in the body that are out of balance. these imbalances cause all your problems. you don't need a separate medication for each one. so i've shared with you three of the seven keys to an ultramind. now i'm going to share with you the other four keys, so stay with me. >> hello, everybody, i'm rhea feikin. i'm here with dr. mark hyman. please stay tuned for more of the ultramind solution. there's a lot more great information on the way, so please stay with us. we're also going to be telling you how you can get the dvd of the program and a book. now, dr. hyman, i want to know is it possible to get the ultramind solution without a doctor? >> dr. hyman: absolutely. you know, you don't need a doctor to take care of your health. you need a doctor when things really go wrong. but i've provided in this program, and in the home coaching kit, and all the things
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that come with the ultramind package, a way for people to take advantage of the medicine of the future today, to learn how to actually do this themselves. in the book i go through three things: the ultramind solution, which is the basic program for everybody, self-care, which is how to take care of yourself using specific customized programs in the book, and also talk about medical care, what happens when you want to work with your doctor and find a way to engage them in the future of medicine by asking specific questions, by helping you to be your best health advocate, and actually take advantage of the medicine of the future now. >> rhea: a lot more information coming, but right now we're going to go back to the show in just a little while. but i'd like first of all to talk to you about keeping all your favorite programs right here on public television. now, if you feel that this show is helpful to you or maybe somebody that you love, don't you think that now is the time to support it? i'm asking you to make the call to this public television station and then make a generous financial contribution. the number's on your screen so
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e-mail newsletter. now, don't forget, you can support this station at the basic membership level. no pledge is too large or too small. ask the volunteer about putting your pledge on a credit card to make pledging even quicker and easier. and now let's go back over to rhea and dr. hyman. >> rhea: there is so much, dr. hyman, that you've given us, so much information, and you've given it in many ways. and one of the best ways is the ultramind solution comprehensive coaching package, which is yours when you make a very generous pledge of $365. it includes the program dvd and hardcover book that joe told you about, the ultramind solution recipes, they're delicious recipes that were designed by dr. hyman's nutritionist and head chef, the ultramind solution jump-start assessment kit, and the six weeks to an ultramind home coaching program. this is dr. hyman's personal home coaching program, and it contains seven audio cds
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that include 12 sessions, and two dvds that have 15 video sessions. the set also comes with a companion workbook and quick start guide, and it will tell you everything that you need to do in order to start your six week plan and to get better health. and the set contains items that are only available through public television. now, i just want you to tell us a little bit more, dr. hyman, about the six week home coaching program. >> dr. hyman: well, i developed this to be like having an experience of working with a personal physician. to take you through all the things you need to know to create an ultramind. so, when i see patients, i go through a very specific process, i teach them how to learn about their body, i ask them specific questions, i personalize my approach to them, and i guide them through step-by-step how to achieve health. and i use that same methodology that's only available usually through seeing a doctor in a doctor's office, and seeing functional medicine doctors, which are actually more rare than regular doctors,
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how to actually do this process. and i hope you can join us in pledging with public television and actually get this for yourself and maybe for someone you love who needs it. >> rhea: dr. hyman, is it hard to get started on this program? >> dr. hyman: absolutely not. is it hard to put one foot in front of the other? >> rhea: no! >> dr. hyman: no, it's not. it's actually very simple. i'm embarrassed to say how simple and extraordinary the effects are from this approach. i had an e-mail just a day ago that i got from someone who read the book, and did the program, and who's husband had alzheimer's. within five days she noticed dramatic improvement just by simply changing his diet, changing his lifestyle, a few supplements, some of the things that i talk about in the program and in the home coaching guide. >> rhea: it is absolutely amazing. one of the things i love best are these personal stories you tell because these are real people who have really found great help with this program. i wonder, if someone starts the program does it take a long time to get some results? >> dr. hyman: not at all. >> rhea: in that case it was very fast. >> dr. hyman: very quick.
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you know, very quick. simply by understanding how your body works and stopping the things that are impairing its function and providing the things that help your body thrive, your body can recover. if someone gets off your foot if they've been standing on it for 10 years you immediately feel better. and it's the same way with your brain and your body. >> rhea: right. it is just amazing. now, we hope that you call in with a very generous pledge of financial support to this station because with your help we can bring you more amazing specials like this one. shows that will help you improve your health and your well-being. so please call the number on your screen right now and ask how you can put your pledge on a charge card. and don't forget, we have these incredible gifts for you. at the $90 pledge level, the ultramind solution dvd, the program that you're watching right now. at the $120 level, the ultramind solution hard cover book, which has even more information than the dvd. and, of course, at the $365 level, the ultramind solution comprehensive coaching package,
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which includes the dvd and hardcover book, the ultramind solution recipes, the jump-start assessment, and the six weeks to an ultramind set, which includes seven cds, two dvds, and workbooks. so there's an awful lot there for you. we hope that you'll take this opportunity to call in and make a pledge. as the program goes on you're going to get more and more information and you're going to realize that in order to assimilate it, you're going to need some tools. the tools that dr. hyman has provided us with. so, we hope that you're going to call. and very quickly, they're going to get the rest of the steps in this next segment? >> dr. hyman: absolutely. i'm going to talk you in the next part of the program about the four other keys, things like digestion, and detoxification, how to make energy and have more energy, and how to calm your mind. all the other elements that lead to an ultramind. >> rhea: this is such a positive program, it's making me feel better already to know that there is help for you, for your loved ones, for all of us.
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let's go back to the program right now. now, the fourth key... the fourth key to an ultramind is fixing your digestion. now, most people don't know this, but only half of your brain is in your head, the other half is in your gut. so if you want to be happy and focused and live longer with a great memory, you have to keep both brains happy and healthy. so let's take a deeper look at the inner tube of life, that 30 feet of digestive tract where your second brain lives. we all know the expression "i know it in my gut" or "trust your gut feelings," or "i had a gut-wrenching experience." we know what we think and feel directly impacts our gut. you know, you get butterflies or you get that gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach. that's because your brain talks to your gut. but your gut also talks to your
12:31 am
brain. both have to work together to keep you fully functional, fully active, and fully healthy. see, the brain in your gut has their own independent nervous system, and it actually has more neurotransmitters and more serotonin than your head brain. when doctors see patients with irritable bowel syndrome, which affects about 60 million people, they think it's the psychiatric problems that cause their gut to be irritable. but the irritable bowel we're learning, the irritable bowel, causes an irritable brain. it's the other way around, right. if you have a bloated, inflamed belly, you have a bloated inflamed brain, right. they're connected by your nervous system, your immune system, and your hormonal system. you see, most people don't know that 60% of your immune system is in your gut. you see, the gut has to let in all the good stuff, food, nutrients and water, and has to keep out all the bad stuff, all
12:32 am
the bugs and toxins and partially digested food particles in there. when that breaks down, we have a damaged gut. so what damages our gut? it's our toxic diet. it's low in fiber, high in sugar, full of junk food and white flour, and genetically altered franken foods, right. and we take all these gut damaging medications; antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, acid blocking drugs, even aspirin. stress and infections also damage our guts. so it changes the ecosystem down there and the balance of good and bad bugs in the gut. and that leads to a leaky gut, where the barrier between the outside world and inside world breaks down and toxins and foods, partially digested foods leak into your body, into your bloodstream, and into your brain. and you know what that does? it triggers inflammation in your brain. bacterial toxins from the gut can make you crazy and depressed. for example, patients with liver failure, they get something called hepatic encephalopathy, which means that the bugs in
12:33 am
their gut make them crazy because they can't detoxify them. and what do they treat them with? they treat them with antibiotics, not anti-psychotics. so why don't we think about doing that with other brain problems? but we should. you see, because bad bugs take over from the good bugs in our gut and our liver can't detoxify them anymore and the result is depression or add. it's everything from autism to alzheimer's, from ocd to anxiety, or just plain bad moods and brain fog. just like my patient emily, who was a six-year-old girl who came to see me, who acted like a crazy drunk. she was in terrible trouble all the time. she was aggressive with her sister and her peers. she was kicking and pinching and hitting and fighting. she threatened to kill herself. she had no friends and was always in trouble. she would cut her mother and sister out of family pictures. she'd have tantrums and mood swings and was constantly seeking attention. she was diagnosed with ocd, or obsessive compulsive disorder and perfectionism. now, there were clues in her body as to what was going on
12:34 am
in her brain. she was a colicky baby, she had diaper rashes, she had vaginal yeast infections and sensitive skin. and she loved sugar and carbohydrates. now, she had no digestive complaints. but she was actually intoxicated from the bad bugs in her gut fermenting the sugar in her diet, creating alcohol, making her act like a drunk. now, there were other things going on with her, and i was a medical detective and i found that she was also having problems in the other seven keys. she was low in minerals, like zinc and magnesium. magnesium makes you relax. zinc helps you digest your food and protects your immune system. she had food allergies. she had low dha, which is fish oil, and we know how important that is for the brain. she also had problems with her energy production in her cells which affected her. now, what was the most amazing to me wasn't all that, it was that she had sky high levels in her gut of yeast and bacteria growing in the wrong places. her gut made her crazy.
12:35 am
so what did i do with her? very simply, i treated her with a gluten and dairy free diet. i got her on some real whole food. i gave her some fish oil, some magnesium, b12, folic acid and b6. and i gave her special antibiotics and special anti- fungals to clear out all the bad guys. and then i put in probiotics, healthy bacteria, to put in the good guys. kind of like a weeding and feeding program. and all of her aggressiveness and negativity and hopelessness disappeared. she went from being punished 10 times a day at school to being a happy, normal, wonderful little girl. now, was she crazy? did she have bad parents? no, right. the toxins in her gut were causing a toxic reaction in her brain. and we know from studies of kids with behavior problems and with autism that they all have abnormal gut bacteria and they overtake the good bacteria. so if you want to have a healthy brain, you've got to have a
12:36 am
healthy gut. now let's talk about the fifth key to an ultramind; enhancing your detoxification. i wish i was exaggerating, but we are all poisoned to some degree or another. we are all poisoned. toxins are everywhere. they're in our food, in our water, in our air, in our lungs, in our golf courses, and they cause serious brain damage. that's the bad news, right. but in a moment i'll give you some good news, which is you can reduce your exposure and boost your body's own waste disposal system so you can heal your brain. but first i want to share with you the seriousness of this problem. the government, the center for disease control, found 148 chemicals in the average adult. there's been over 80,000 chemicals released into our environment in the last 100 years. there are six million pounds of mercury released from coal burning and cement factories every year. six million pounds! that's something that's toxic in
12:37 am
parts per million. there are two and a half billion pounds of toxic chemicals released every year into the environment. and what's most frightening to me is that this is affecting our children. 15% of u.s. woman have toxic levels of mercury in their blood resulting in 600,000 new babies being born that have toxic mercury in their blood. you know we literally eat pounds of hormones, antibiotics, food additives, chemicals, artificial sweeteners, msg. we eat gallons of neurotoxic pesticides and we wonder why we're still all doing okay. it's amazing. these neurotoxic pesticides work by poisoning the nervous system of bugs, that's what they do. we consume 3,500 different chemicals that are added to our food supply to process foods. and 3,000 toxins are in our homes. what can we do? well, we can reduce our own toxic exposure and you can boost your own detoxification system. there's a special waste-disposal
12:38 am
molecule that's made by your body. it's called glutathione. and it literally sticks to toxins and ejects them from your body, leading to an ultramind. now, too many toxins will deplete this glutathione. but in a moment i'll tell you how to get your body to make more of it. i had a patient who came to see me a few years ago who had dementia, and he got better, and i asked the neurologist who was treating him with me, i said, how could that happen? he was a harvard neurologist. he was like, you know what, the brain is sensitive to so many insults from the environment, from toxins, from our diet. he said if you stop insulting the brain and give it the ingredients to thrive it can heal and recover. and that's exactly what happened to george who came to see me at 70 with dementia. he couldn't manage his business. he couldn't remember what he was reading. he had personality changes. his wife wanted to leave him. he was unable to function, he became increasingly withdrawn.
12:39 am
conventional medicine knows there is no known treatment for dementia. but we do know what affects brain function and aging. it's nutrition, it's vitamin deficiencies, omega 3 fats, toxins, gut problems, inflammation, infection, stress. it's hormone imbalances and energy problems. guess what? these are all of the seven keys to an ultramind. in george we addressed all these problems, but the main problem we had was mercury poisoning from living near cement plants his whole life and having a mouth full of fillings, right. he also had the worst collection of what we call snips, or genes, that together made it very difficult for him to get rid of toxins that entered his body. so, we didn't treat his diagnosis of dementia, we didn't treat this thing out there that doesn't really exist. we treated the imbalances and we did it by getting rid of the mercury and boosting his detox system. now, we safely removed his mercury fillings. now, not everybody who has mercury fillings should have
12:40 am
them removed, but, if you have a problem with being toxic than you may need them removed. so what about george's treatment? well, what we did was we boosted his glutathione, that sticky molecule that ejects toxins from your body. how do you do that? well, you take foods which are the best medicine, things like collards, and kale, and cabbage, and brussel sprouts, and broccoli, and water crest, and cilantro, and arugula, all which help boost your liver's capacity to eject the toxins from your body. and we gave him herbs, like milk thistle, and special minerals that help remove metals from your body, like zinc and selenium, and a special molecule called nac, or n-a-c, that boosts your body's own glutathione. we also gave him these special b vitamins we talked about; b6, folate, and b12, because you know what? they are also at the hub of your detox system. and we gave him special medications to help bind the mercury and remove it from his his body. and then? what was the result? well, after a year of treatment it was matched to his genes,
12:41 am
not his diagnosis. it was matched to the imbalance in the seven keys, not his diagnosis of dementia. he had a remarkable and dramatic recovery from his symptoms. after one year, his memory improved, he could read and remember what it is. he said, you know, i can read business week now and understand it. he could run his business affairs. his grandkids, who didn't want to be with him because he was kind of acting weird, wanted to be with him again. he no longer isolated himself at home. he was an engaged members of his family and his community. and he told me he could actually sing in the shower now and remember all the songs that he used to sing that he had forgotten. i'm seeing the affects of chronic mercury toxicity so often now in my patients. just as decades ago, we learned that chewing lead paint chips and breathing in leaded gas caused brain damage in kids, we now know that chronic mercury toxicity is a real and treatable problem in millions of people. so, the bad news is, we're all exposed to toxins like we never were before. but the good news is we know how to reduce our exposures and boost our bodies own detox
12:42 am
system, and later in this program i'm going to tell you how to do just that. the sixth key is boosting your energy metabolism. now, who wants more energy? >> audience: i do. >> dr. hyman: you know, we lose it, we don't exactly know where it went, and we don't' know how to get it back. but i will tell you where it goes and how to get it back. we all need more energy, we want it, and we go to great lengths to get it, right? even if it hurts us. we get a short-term boost but pay a long-term price. we are more tired and more irritable and more unfocused than before. we don't want fake energy, we want real energy. the fake energy comes from sugar, caffeine, and junk food. and i've seen patients who are coming up from cities whose doctors are prescribing them dexedrine, which is a form of speed, because coffee is not enough anymore. so where does real energy come from? it comes from our cellular power plants. our cellular power plants called mitochondria, which turn calories and oxygen
12:43 am
into energy that our body uses. it's our gas, and balances in all the seven keys affect our cells ability to make energy. now, to prevent energy drain we need to protect our little energy factories from things like toxins and stress and our low antioxidant diet of burgers and donuts, right. and you can use special energy boosting nutrients or supplements that really help with fatigue, things like coq10, or carnitine, or ribose. they all boost your energy metabolism, they give you more mental clarity, they make you more productive, and they make you feel more energetic. you get real energy, not artificially boosted energy. it burns you out. here's a secret. when you run out of energy, you die. the secret of living to 120 with good health is taking good care of your mitochondria. now, the seventh and the last key to an ultramind is calming the mind.
12:44 am
the latest science shows us that chronic stress is the fastest way to kill brain cells and shrink your brain. most of us walk around with chronic stress and we don't even know it. here's some clues. do you crave salt? are you dizzy when you stand up? maybe you have trouble falling asleep. you're tired but wired, that tired but wired feeling and you're burnt out. the effects of stress are terrible on your body. among other things it shrinks your hippocampus, which is the memory center in the brain. it lowers that happy mood chemical, serotonin. it lowers this amazing thing called miracle grow for your brain called bdnf. this increases the connections between cells and actually stimulates the growth of new brain cells. so it's like fertilizer for your brain. and being stressed lowers this. it increases inflammation and it makes you fat. so, you have to realize that stress is actually the result of our thoughts, and thoughts can heal, or thoughts can harm. they literally alter your brain
12:45 am
chemistry and physically reshape your brain, and not in a good way. the most powerful pharmacy in the world is right between your ears. you see, research shows us that stem cells, those cells that help us rebuild, renew and repair, and heal our body are supplied by a nerve called the vegas nerve, which is turned on when we relax. and when you relax, you stimulate those stem cells to make new cells. you can rebuild new brain cells and make a younger you by simply relaxing. i want to do an experiment with you. so close your eyes and picture yourself driving down the highway, you're somewhat unaware of the passing scenery, you're thinking about your long exhausting day and your pressures at work and home. suddenly, you notice something out of the corner of your eye in the rearview mirror and the flashing lights from the police car are coming up quickly behind you, your mind races, were you speeding? did you do something wrong? does he want to pull you over?
12:46 am
the stress builds, your heart races, your hands begin to feel clammy, you clench the steering wheel tighter, and then the police car flies by you and you quickly realize that you weren't the one he was after. and a sense of relief washes over you. but you're still trying to calm down a few minutes later. you know, in this example, there was absolutely no physical reason for the stress and for the anxiety you experienced in your body. it w created by your mind. and it produced a real biological reaction in your body. that's how powerful the mind can be. and it can work against you or it can work for you. it's your most powerful tool in building an ultramind. now, we don't need any help turning on our alarm system or being stressed, right? it happens automatically. but we do need help turning on our relaxation response and finding our pause button and activating that vegas nerve. it's an active process. if the alarm is always on, then that cortisol, or hormone we produce when we're stressed, begins to rot our healthy tissue and decay our brains. but the good news is we do have an off switch for this alarm,
12:47 am
and it's available to everyone, and best of all, it's free. it's your breath. so a deep breath is a simple easy tool and it automatically activates the vegas nerve and calms your mind. and it creates a cascade of healing that can literally reverse depression, prevent dementia, sharpen your mind, and make old brains young again. and, as a side-effect, it stimulates your fat cells to burn more fat and you lose weight, so breathe. i'm going to teach you an easy tool to use your breath and hit the pause button later in the program. but you have to heal your brain, and it involves finding the pause button and pushing it every single day. there's also a few other tools you can use. you can learn a new word spelled n-o. you can try yoga, and sleep enough, and eat real whole foods. now, what about therapy? isn't psychotherapy helpful for improving your mood and your brain function or finding meaning and purpose in your heart and soul? absolutely. absolutely. but it's much harder to shut off
12:48 am
your mental chatter. it's much harder to connect with your soul if you're poisoned with mercury, or suffering from a vitamin d or b12 deficiency, or struggling against a thyroid gland that doesn't work, or a brain that is inflamed from a virus, or a food allergy. heal your broken brain by fixing your body first. and then get help from psychotherapy, it will have much more benefit. you can get started by using my seven keys to an ultramind. this sets the stage to a lifelong journey of health and vitality. coming up, i'll share the powerful yet simple four-step program from my book that will give you the roadmap to achieving your own ultramind. >> i'm rhea feikin here again with dr. mark hyman. please stay tuned for more of the ultramind solution. don't go anywhere because there's a ton more of useful
12:49 am
information on the way, and we also are going to be telling you about the dvd and the book. now, dr. hyman, you talked a great deal in the last segment about our brain and our gut and the connection, and you refer to it as our second brain. i'd like you to talk a little bit more about that. >> dr. hyman: yeah, we all know that our guts and brains are connected, you know we get butterflies in our stomach, we get nervous stomach, we get gut feelings, but it's much bigger than that. we're learning actually that a lot of psychiatric problems have their root in the gut. >> rhea: i think we've all sort of accepted already that our brain can affect our body, but i don't think we're really believing that our body can affect our mind. you're the first one who's really telling us that. >> dr. hyman: well, i think we sort of know it a little bit, but we're not really making that connection and i just wanted to make this explicit because, you know, i call myself the accidental psychiatrist. people who came to my office trying to get rid of chronic health issues got better from their mood, and memory, and autism, and add, and all sorts of other things got better simply by working on their body.
12:50 am
>> rhea: well, there is a lot more to come. you know, like a lot of programs that you watch on public television, the ultramind solution provides useful information that can improve your life and the lives of people you love. now, if this kind of television is really important to you, think about it, where else would you see a program like this? where else would you get information like this? so, the thing you have to do is call in right now and help this station with a generous pledge of financial support. public television cannot exist without your help. please call the number on your screen and support smart, useful tv that really does make the world a better place. and when you support us at certain membership levels we have some wonderful ways of saying thank you. and joe's going to tell us more about them. joe. >> joe: that's right. i want to remind you that if you are willing to support this public television station with a $90 contribution, a $90 membership, we'll say thanks with the ultramind solution on
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dvd. this is the entire program that you're watching today. plus it contains nearly 30 minutes of bonus material, such as a question and answer session with the audience, which really adds extra value as dr. hyman goes through some very practical questions that might be coming up in your mind as you watch the program. in the $120 category, the ultramind solution hardcover book. this is the book on which the program is based and it provides lots of detail behind his powerful six week four-step plan to get you onto a path to an ultramind. one that's calm, confident and happy. i've had this book for about three or four months and it's really very well-indexed and i love to refer back to it. it has a great logic path to it, lots of aha moments as you work your way through this book as it delves deeply into these topics you're being introduced today on public television. everyone who pledges any amount will receive a subscription to
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dr. hyman's e-mail newsletter, and that's going to come along your way weekly when you make your contribution. and please remember that no pledge is too large or too small. you can ask the operator about this station's basic membership rate. the most important thing is that you call and help keep quality programming on public television. you do that with your pledge. make a pledge now. and let's go back over to rhea and dr. hyman. >> rhea: dr. hyman, there's so many people that i hear talking about i feel depressed, depression is getting to be bigger and more people suffer from it, and i want you to talk a little bit about how your solution helps depression >> dr. hyman: well, depression isn't a prozac deficiency, right. it's not an anti-depressant deficiency as i said. it's related to basic imbalances in your body. for example, i had a patient come in the other day who had, you know, lifelong depression, and he had -- you know, he was actually a young man, he was about 32, but he had lifelong depression, and it was because
12:53 am
he had tremendous inflammation in his body and in his gut. he had food sensitivities and allergies, particularly things likes gluten and dairy. many people get confused about how do i begin to sort through all the different causes of depression. if it's not a drug deficiency, what is it? and so what i've done is i've created the coaching home program, it's a comprehensive package that i designed to be sort of like taking me home with you or taking a functional medicine doctor home with you and helping you work through the causes of your problem. and what i've done is i've created a very comprehensive package, it includes seven cds; an audio program, two dvds, which i guide you through step-by-step through the coaching program of how to actually implement this day-by day, step-by-step. it includes a quick start guide that has really a quick introduction on how to get started and how to get oriented, including frequently asked questions and 25 quick tips for an ultramind. and i've also provided a workbook that is very detailed. it takes you through how to engage with this system in a
12:54 am
very step-by-step clear process that takes you away from, you know, the confusion that can happen as your're starting on this. and i've done this all in a very complete and exclusive package for public television. >> rhea: right. and when you make a pledge at the $365 level that is the pledge gift, the ultramind solution comprehensive coaching package that you've just heard about. it is just amazing. and i think, probably, dr. hyman, that you're going to be putting a lot of doctors out of business with something like this because you really have made it possible with this comprehensive coaching package to really find out what you need yourself. >> dr. hyman: that's right. you know, i think it should be like chinese medicine, right, doctors only got paid when their patients were healthy. so all the time i'm losing patients because they get better and i don't have to keep seeing them! i teach them how their body works, i tell them how to fix it, and once they know what's wrong and how it got broken and they know how to fix it, they don't really need me anymore. and so i've really provided that for public television viewers in this exclusive package.
12:55 am
and it includes not only the book, not only the dvd with 30 minutes of extra information and question and answers, not only the recipe book, which is exclusive, and not only the workbook that goes along with it, the quick start guide, the dvds, the seven audio programs, but also this quick start assessment, which is really creating a personalized program for you. in other words, when someone comes to see me, how do i know what's wrong with them? how do i know which system is out of balance? how do i find out? what i do is i take them through a very step-by-step set of questions. in fact, i have my questionnaire, it's like 22 pages you have to fill out when you come see me. and what i've done is provided that for the consumer, for the patient out there who doesn't need to go see the doctor to get most of the benefits of the program. and by understanding the questions that are relating to each imbalance in your systems you can find out where things are a problem, where you're out of balance, and where you need to get back in balance, and exactly what to do about it and how to customize this approach. >> rhea: it is absolutely fascinating. so the ultramind program is a
12:56 am
plan for people who are concerned about both their brain and their body. >> dr. hyman: that's right. if you have a brain, it's a good idea. if it's working you want to keep it that way. if it's not working you want to make sure you get it fixed. and what you realize as you go through this is that a lot of the stories we tell ourselves about why we're sad or depressed or anxious, why we have add, or why children have autism, or why we're even getting dementia are the wrong story. the right story is that your body is broken, and that if you fix your body, your brain will get better automatically without having to actually take a whole bunch of drugs that simply are masking the symptoms. >> rhea: dr. hyman, i know everybody is really worried about dementia, about alzheimer's, and this is really one of the ways maybe to prevent as well as help in that situation. >> dr. hyman: absolutely. you know, i wouldn't have believed it if i hadn't seen it in my own patients, but by simply learning the things that are out of balance in your body and putting them
12:57 am
back in balance -- i've seen patients with early dementia, and even further along, actually not only stop but sometimes go backwards in time and begin to remember things that they couldn't remember. i mean they get their brains back and their minds back. the worst thing that can happen to anybody is to lose their mind, and you can get your mind back using this approach. >> rhea: well, it's certainly extraordinary information we're giving you today. i hope you're going to stay tuned for more of the ultramind solution with dr. mark hyman. don't forget the wonderful gifts that we have for you. call in, make a pledge, you will find out from the volunteers what all the levels are. you decide what's best for you, for your family. make the best pledge you can. and now we're going to go back to the program. >> announcer: this program is made possible by metametrix. laboratory testing can pinpoint unique nutrient and toxic imbalances. for 25 years metametrix has provided the specialized tests doctors use to optimize their
12:58 am
patients health. testing replaces guesswork with knowledge. more information is available at and by immuno laboratories. toxic food syndrome affects up to 95 out of 100 people, but most don't know it. what you eat may affect how you feel. a quiz on toxic food syndrome is available at and by genova diagnostics, providing innovative laboratory services for the promotion of optimal health. more information is available at additional funding is provided by the park foundation. >> dr. hyman: now here comes dessert for your mind. now, you've earned this. it's a four-step program that's going to give you an ultramind. so far we've learned the seven keys to putting this program in
12:59 am
place. we've opened our eyes to all the tools that will clear up your foggy, forgetful, poisoned brains. we've also learned that you no longer have to suffer with a brain and a body that's anything less than awake, engaged, present, focused and refreshed. you can have a brain that allows you to experience life fully, enjoying your family and friends and work. and most importantly, your own heart and soul. so, here's four steps, and if you follow these four simple steps, you will learn more about your body and brain than you ever imagined. it may seem too simple and too obvious, but it works. i mean, as a doctor, i see miracles everyday. like a woman who traveled 5,000 miles to see me. after seeing a dozen doctors she was fatigued and depressed and overweight, she was mentally slipping and sluggish, and she struggled everyday with brain fog. and she got rid of all her sympton

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